Griot is your easy, affordable, small business solution to become DCAA, FAR and GAAP compliant.

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Run your contracting business better with Griot’s affordable platform

Timecard Management

  • Easy entry and approval of timecards
  • Meets DCAA contracting requirements
  • Free for 1099 consultants and your accountant

Project Management

  • Calculate LOE
  • Analyze burn rate
  • Balance work load
  • Create project budgets for FFP and T&M contracts

Financial Management

  • Project cashflow
  • Manage expenses and ODCs
  • Use data to price out new work
  • QuickBooks integration

Manage timecards on the go


  • Meet Government contract requirements


  • Enter time and expenses on the move via the web and mobile apps


  • Backed-up to a secure cloud

    Permanent Data Access

  • Your data is readily portable to other platforms/tools or transferred to a separately hosted database

Manage projects, expenses and pipeline

    Project Management (PM)

  • Workload projections and utilization tracking
  • Real time budget management
  • Task lists and project assignments
  • Real time burn rate analysis

    Human Resources/HRM Lite

  • Track work hours, PTO and Comp Time
  • Direct labor, overhead, and fringe reports

    Business Development/CRM Lite

  • Pipeline management
  • Proposal pricing tools

Track your invoicing, budget and cash flow

    One View

  • All your financial and utilization data linked together in one place

    Save Time

  • Quickly create and track invoices to keep a handle on cash flow
  • Synchronize data easily with our QuickBooks integration
  • Manage your cash flow and create auditable financial reports

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